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cyclone machine accessories
Click Here for Available Sizes
Click Here for Available Sizes
#KA111 for Buffers
#KA110 for Edgers Light Kit - 1500 watt, high output fluorescent  light mounts on machine No heat. Swivel mount. Polycarbonate lens
#KA660 - Kit for Cyclone, Commercial
#KA660-P - Kit for ProDisc, Diablo
#KA661 - (2)10# Weight
Unicorn Weight Set Kits  - Bolts to top of buffer motor.  Adds weight to the tools. Kits include spindle, (2) 10# weights..
#KA650 - 40# Set for Commercial, Sandmaster, Xtreme
#KA652 - 45# Set for Cyclone Apron Mounted Weight Set bolts
onto the buffer apron.  Adds weight to the tools. Maintains buffer height.
#CM651-  45# Donut (Bottom) Weight. The extra weight bolts under the apron for lower center of gravity. Does not add to the height of the buffer. Remove
for easy transport.
Booster Box
Boost 18 Volts
Buffer Handle Mount Tank Vac Kit.  200 Watt Motor, 18 Qt. Capacity. 96 Water Lift. Use dry only. Includes vac hose and mounting hardware.
Dual Vac Port Kit
Mounts on apron hole.  Connect
exhaust of two machines to a single vacuum source. Improves productivity.
4 Gallon
Solution Tank

HDPE tank mounts on
buffer handle. Dispenses
solution through a fitting in hose and mounting hardware.
Solution Feed System.
A direct water hook up eliminates the solution tank and the need for refills. Helps in calculating the weight to abrasive ratio.
#HEPA Handle Vac
mounts on floor
machine handle.
10 Qt. capacity.
11 lbs. weight.
150 cfm airflow
100 water lift.
1.5 x 5 static dissipating vacuum hose. 4-Stage HEPA Filtration.
#K660-110 Magic Box
Powers 220V equipment from 110V plug-in up to 20 Amp. Includes circuit tester and switch. Great for Diablo & Xtreme II
Floating Dust Ring - Mounts on buffer apron.Bristles ride on the floor. For Cyclone, Sandmaster & Xtreme   
Adjustable Dust Pick-Up Skirt  mounts on buffer apron. Makes vacuum more efficient.
#CM100 - 17" Kit
#CM101 - 20" Kit
Economy Dust 17 & 20 Kits
Mounts on the buffer. Includes skirt, hose, cuff and mounting hardware. 
Splash Ring
Mounts on the outside of the machine apron to control scrub water splashes. Adjustable size.
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floor prep
vac / hepa
satellite, predator
& scraper plus
floor maint.
how to